Post Production

What are Post Production Video Services?

Post production video skills can be most useful. The widely held, general conception is that once a film or video is done filming, there you go, you got your movie/television show/commercial. But the fact is, post production can actually be the most important part of the whole process.

It will vary from project to project, but think of something like a science fiction movie, loaded with special effects and green screen work to be done. Most of that is going to happen in post production. For some projects, the real work doesn’t really even begin until the filming has wrapped.

Post production can also be one of the trickiest crafts in the multimedia field to master. Incidentally, this is pretty proportionate to how important it is! Post production goes well beyond simply editing the footage together and adding credits to the end. Just a few of the details that might go into post production include . . .

Sound Mixing

One of the most difficult parts of film and video production is trying to get perfect sound on the set. The best audio take ever recorded might be thrown off by something as tiny as the sound of someone dropping a pen or letting out a chuckle behind the camera. A skilled post production video professional will be able to fix a lot of these little flaws, creating a product that sounds professional and pristine.


Footage often turns out to be nigh-unusable, thanks to the camera losing focus or being bumped or some such (it would take an extra hundred pages to list every potential minor mishap that can ruin a take). There are limits to just how far today’s editing software and multimedia craftsmanship can go, but someone with skill and experience in post production can help to correct a lot of these tiny mistakes and turn an unusable take into a good one.

Special Effects

Okay let’s be honest, MG Multimedia’s post production video services may not be Lucas Film’s Industrial Lights and Magic when it comes to fancy computer graphics and everything, but you might be surprised at the sheer range of convincing special effects that can be accomplished without having to spend several million dollars. Basic bluescreen and greenscreen effects are just for starters.

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