Why are Film and DVD Video Editing so Important?

The importance of DVD video editing and film editing cannot be overstated. If you’ve ever worked on a movie or a video, you’ll find that this is the stage of production where the project really starts to come together. After you finish the on-set filming and everything, you may look at all your footage and well, it won’t exactly feel like a movie, rather, it’ll feel like . . . a bunch of footage.

When you put everything together with editing, this is when you really start to see the initial concept take concrete form. It can actually be quite exciting, as this is when the idea isn’t just an idea anymore, it’s something that’s really coming to life before your eyes. Sorry to wax poetic, but it’s true!

Editing is one of the most exciting and satisfying stages of production, because this is when you don’t just have a bunch of ideas and footage, this is when you actually have a video or a movie on your hands!

Unsung Heroes of Post-Production

Editors don’t really get their due respect in the media, unfortunately. It’s usually the directors, actors and writers who get most of the credit, so for a lot of people, it comes as a surprise just how beneficial a skilled, experienced video editor can be to a project.

Editing can be a Lifesaver

For example, take a film like First Blood (the first Rambo flick). The production of the film had been a long and difficult process, working on a modest budget with several people who didn’t have a lot of experience with dangerous action films and stunt work. Several stuntmen were injured and a lot of the footage was considered unusable. When production wrapped, the first cut of the film was a major disappointment for everyone involved, and the lead actor, Sylvester Stallone, actually considered buying the print just so he could burn it!

However, not wanting to let the film go to waste, the production company brought in a second, more experienced editor to salvage the film, and the end result was a film that earned critical acclaim, a dedicated fanbase, over $100 million worldwide, and which launched a franchise that has lasted more than twenty years.

It’s no exaggeration, good, professional film and DVD video editing can save a movie’s life!

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