Why Bother with Professional Video Authoring?

After the long process of production, video authoring a DVD can be messy and time consuming. Hiring on an expert to help with video authoring is a great way to reduce headaches and save time. Arranging a DVD with menus and making sure that it plays properly requires skill and patience, as well as the right hardware and software.

Clarity and Viewability

There are a lot of reasons you might want to enlist professional help in authoring a DVD. Even if not for commercial or professional purposes, some people like having their home videos and family albums arranged into an easy to access digital format so as to better preserve the originals.

Beyond personal reasons, though, a professional looking, easy to navigate DVD menu is, well, just better for the DVD’s user. And that’s not just for the fact that it reflects positively on the DVD’s creators, but because it’s always a headache to not be able to watch your DVD because you can’t figure it out!

Saving Money

Beyond just arranging a DVD to the point of watchability, professional grade video authoring can also help out in that burning CDs and DVDs isn’t really a fail-proof process. Most of us have bought a new DVD only to find it won’t even play. DVDs are often flawed, especially if you’re trying to burn dozens of them from a consumer grade DVD burner.

By enlisting the help of a professional with the right equipment and the right knowledge, you can actually save yourself money in the long run by not having to throw one out of every ten discs in the trash.

Does Professional Authoring Fit Your Project?

If you don’t need any complex animated menus and you only need to burn a couple of copies, then, of course, enlisting a professional to help you out may seem a bit extravagant. However, if you’re looking to produce or create DVDs for consumers, or if you’re hoping to mass produce DVDs for any reason, you’re better off looking into professional grade authoring and burning of DVDs.


Because, to be frank, consumer grade software and hardware simply isn’t up to the task of industrial strength DVDs quite yet. Plus, there’s a lot to be said for having some degree of experience with the art of authoring video.

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